Reading Tutor and other Tutoring

Capitalizing on Strengths and Improving Weaknesses

Kids, even very smart ones, may struggle in school because they have specific learning differences such as dyslexia. Estimates as high as 15% of America's school-aged children have identified specific learning disabilities that make reading, spelling and writing harder than expected. For students like this, there is often a mismatch between traditional teaching approaches and the child's needs, based on their pattern of strengths and weaknesses.

We now offer Online Tutoring

Truly understanding this pattern of learning strengths and weaknesses, also called a Learning Profile, is the key to successful learning and effective teaching. In our tutorials, student's motivation is energized when they experience and understand the relationship between specific learning strategies we teach and their learning style. They see that they can learn what was once difficult, and they understand why our approaches work. Research tells us that motivation is highest when students know the answers to a question. 

We also offer online tutoring in an interactive environment.

All children can learn. All children learn differently.

At Bend Learning Center, students capitalize on their strengths and work effectively on their weaknesses with evidenced-based, proven strategies, endorsed by the National Reading Panel's recommendations. Our students improve skills, become increasingly self-reliant, develop more perseverance and resiliency and consequently, add to their own sense of worth and self-esteem.

Individualized and Group Tutoring

We work one-on-one, and with small groups of students who have learning difficulties.  Session are held at the Bend Learning Center offices.

Specialized reading and writing instruction for students with Dyslexia

Bend Learning Center has proven success using teaching strategies for reading, spelling, and writing utilizing innate intelligence and thinking skills students already possess. Students realize immediate results starting with a sharp improvement in handwriting.