Literacy Program

The Assessment - this important step allows us to determine which program best fits each student.  Please complete the questions and submit this form (hyperlink to initial form).  Once we have reviewed your completed form we will contact you to discuss whether or not we recommend a formal assessment or simply an in-office screening.
If your child has already completed a psychoeducational evaluation with a professional psychologist, please submit those results for review prior to scheduling your child's first session.  It is possible that the existing evaluation will suffice in place of a new assessment. You may email these or drop them off at our Wall Street office. 

1) Screening

If your child is pre-kindergarten, we do not require a professional evaluation but we do require a screening in our office prior to program enrollment. The screening is not to diagnose a learning difference; it is used to determine current skills and whether the program will be of genuine help to the applicant.   

2. Application

Complete the application form for your child. Each application is carefully reviewed to determine whether or not BLC will be able to effectively meet the needs of the child. Parents of children who are accepted into the program are notified via email within 10 days of BLC's receipt of the application.  (Application should include program options with days/week, which days/times, costs associated with each option, initial payment due date, emergency contact info, etc.)

3. Instruction

 Applicants are placed into a small group or recommended for 1-on-1 instruction.  BLC offers a preschool group literacy program or 1-on-1 instruction for children ages 4-18.  
 So that we may organize groups and sessions properly, parents are asked to reserve their child's spot along.