Math Tutor in Bend Oregon

Math Assessment and Skill Development

Math lessons are focused on creating self directed mathematic learners. Too often children have holes in their math understanding. This leads to children who hate math and struggle at school.  If your child is having trouble with fractions, decimals, or times tables, we can help!

The objective of math instruction at the Bend Learning Center is to create intrinsically motivated math students. Success in math will lead to a deep understanding of math, and a love for the beauty of math. Math should be interesting, it is all around us, and meaningful.

Math at the Bend Learning Center begins with an assessment of math skills. If they need tutoring in fractions that will be addressed at the level of the student. If a sixth grader needs to go back to 4th grade fractions this is where the learning will begin. The lessons are visual, illustrative to give the student a real world understanding of math. 

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