Khan Academy Tutoring

I have been using Khan Academy for many years with my students. Khan Academy allows students to become independent and intrinsically motivated with their math. 

Almost every student hates to raise their hand and admit they don't understand what the math lesson is trying to convey. Khan Academy, when understood, allows a learner to raise their hand in anonymity. They can see how a problem is solved, watch videos and rewind the video to see it again. They can also go back to grade levels they may have never mastered.

One of the most exciting elements of Khan Academy is the mastery challenge component of this program. Too often in school teachers only have time to make sure a child can do something once. When this happens children learn math in a way that they never truly understand the subject. With Khan Academy children learn what mastery is, not just proficiency.

Another element of Khan Academy is the gamification of their program. Students can see their progress through points earned, badges achieved and levels attained. They also see their progress forward. A student starts a zero percent and moves through their math understanding until they have reached 100%. In school children start with an A and often move down the grade level. This never happens on Khan Academy and children feel empowered to move forward, not just backward.

This points and percentage completed feature also allows parent to monitor how a child is doing in math. They don't necessarily have to view all the math they have done, just what percentage have they finished. They can also, easily, see how much time they have spent on math, how many they got wrong, and correct. The ability to monitor their progress is easy and can be very reinforcing for the student.

All of these features are what I teach the student and the parent. I want each child to be empowered to take control of their math learning. Each parent should be enabled to reinforce their Childs efforts and make them know they can be mathamaticians.

The combination of Khan Academy and my ability to bring real life applications to math creates an optimal learning situation. Please call and let me explain how we bring fun and engagement to math. Math is a critical skill, but an even more important element to understand in real life.