Executive Function

As someone who was a classroom teacher, executive function deficits were an everyday issue and strengthening executive function skills a passion of mine. Students would come into to class without functional organizational system, often late to class, with missing assignments and no way to deal with these problems. Another item was long-term projects, when completed they were often missing elements critical to a superior grade. I always worked on skills to deal with these issues, but wished I had more time to help these students.

Now at the Bend Learning Center, (BLC) I am proud to offer executive function training for families and students who think they need help with this skill development. By the time students hit middle school the assumption is students can take over the organizational systems needed to be successful. These expectations are often a huge stumbling block to success in school as many students haven’t developed these skills nor do they have strategies to overcome the deficits. This creates problems both at school and home. BLC offers training based on the Seeing My TimeTM program. This program offers both a deep understanding of each individuals executive functions, while also providing resources which can lead to success. With this approach an individual becomes knowledgable in the area, while personalizing their path to progress.

The Seeing My TimeTM program offers many resources. First a student and the family are given a book they personalize for use going forward. The family and student are led through a curriculum which both teaches and empowers the family and student to make steps towards more success. Tools for success and strategies are personalized so each individual can address their own needs. Families are taught too so they too can support the changes and strategies. This approach allows for realistic goals to be reached and this success to become a foundation for further advancement.

Call us and we can set up a free consultation on whether it is the right step for you and your student.